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Steel Filters

2'' In-Line
3'' In-Line
4'' C In-Line
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8" In-Line
12” In-Line (3x8”Modular)
12” In-Line (2x8”Modular)

Durable high quality Steel Filters for wide range of filtration applications

  • Interchangeable filter elements for wide range of flow rates, filtration degrees and applications
  • High quality polyester coating as well as stainless steel housings for chemical durability and corrosion resistance
  • Low pressure loss
  • Easy to install and maintain, no tools required for rinsing
  • Available with exclusive features for semi-automatic cleaning
  • Innovative add-on clogging indicator

Amiad Steel Filters
With their various filter elements, Amiad's all purpose steel filters are made for wide range of filtering applications and filtration degrees and are easy to install and maintain. They are made of carbon steel with high quality polyester coating along with stainless steel housings that are also available.
Amiad steel filters need no tools for dismantling or for extracting the filter element from the filter housing for rinsing, also visually monitoring the status of the filter element without disrupting the water flow is easily done with Amiad's innovative clogging indicator connected to the filter's pressure check points.

Amiad steel filters can be upgraded to semi-automatic operation by adding one of Amiad's exclusive, Brushaway or Scanaway assemblies.
Filter Elements
Amiad supplies various filter elements for its steel filters in order to cover wide range of flow rates, multiple filtration degrees and applications:
Stainless steel Screen elements: (1)
These screen elements are constructed of molded plastic ribs that support a stainless steel weave-wire screen for filtration degrees of 50 to 800 micron.
Perforated stainless steel elements: (2)
Suitable for coarse filtration (straining) between 800 and 3,500 micron The direction of flow in these screen elements is from the inside out along the element, therefore the suspended solids accumulate on the inside surface of the screen while the O-rings incorporated to the cylinder ends provide perfect sealing of the element inside the filter housing.
This arrangement allows:
  • Easy removal of the screen element from the filter housing for rinsing
  • The accumulation of inorganic suspended solids at the end of the element to be easily removed by means of a flush valve
  • Effective separation of inorganic particles
  • Very low pressure loss
Disc Elements: (3)
The disc elements are made to provide high retention of organic substances and are constructed from plastic discs that are stacked onto a telescopic core. The discs are grooved on both sides and intersected to form the filtration element when compressed on the telescopic core. The direction of flow in these elements is from the Outside In along the element, therefore the effective filtration area is comprised of both the outside surface and the channels formed by the intersected grooves. Suspended organic particles adhere to the grooved surface adding depth to the filtration process.

Cleaning the disc element is made simple by the unique design of the telescopic core which allows the discs to separate during the cleaning process while maintaining perfect sealing when the element is in the filter housing.

Filtration Degrees Available
The following table lists the various filter elements of Amiad's Steel Filters line and the optional filtration degrees for each filter element. For ease of operation and maintenance the various filtration degrees are color coded, please consult your dealer for the most suitable filter element for your application's requirements.